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Shower Bursts by Hydra, variety pack

Aromatherapy for your shower!  Create an atmosphere for the morning shower ritual.  They release essentials oils to get your brain into a "new space".  Handmade in Lexington, Kentucky with All natural 100% Essential Oils.

Best when used in indirect spray - try it with one of our sachets to hold the burst, hang it on a fixture such as the HOT or COLD and it can last 3-4 shower uses.

Now in 4 pack selection:

SIGNATURE COLLECTION:  Healing Clarity Relax Refresh

WELLNESS COLLECTION:  Headache Buster, Stress Buster, Cold & Flu Buster, Hangover Buster

NOW for Holidays:  Shower Mini Starter set with 6 small sized: RED pack:Frosted Cranberry and Vanilla Spice; now also in GREEN pack: Mistletoe and Merry Mint.                                  FLOWER POWER pack: Sweet pea & Violet and Apple Blossom




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