About us

Kindred Soule Marketplace was created to offer goods for an inspired lifestyle by showcasing exclusive talent; to offer unique finds; and to promote small business trade. 

We love to shop, forage, and hunt for goods that simply speak to the heart and soule.  It is with this in mind that we hope the shopping experience encourages you to rediscover the art of gift-giving.

As the marketplace concept evolved, we wanted to create more than an engaging customer experience and discovered it's really a gathering place.  And that is how the workshop space, tea bar and eatery was born.  We look forward to sharing our passion for all things unique, inspiring, and fun, along with good southern tea, tasty food and good conversation.


 Over time, I started a dream bucket, with my daughter and daughter-in-law while on road trips, shopping days, around a dining room table (that story for another day). Giving life to this dream required many, including these two cohorts: Jina Armstrong & Courtney Tenpenny for lunch, coffee, run-on texts and phone calls. They are the heart and soule to what has become Kindred Soule marketplace.