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Kindred Soule's Private Label Laundry Detergent

-Safe for regular and HE washers (low sudsing)

-Great stain remover


32 oz. bottle


Karma is a light, airy yet warm soft musk scent. 


Lucky is a great unisex scent. Notes of oak moss, patchouli, bergamot, and a slight hint of woods. 

Happy Place

Happy Place is an all-around fresh, clean scent. It takes you to your "happy place" and evokes happy thoughts. With some notes of citrus and a hint of musk. 

Beach Vacation

If you love the beach, this scent will bring back fond memories! Smells like a beach with a hint of sunscreen. 

True Blue

Unisex, super strong. Notes of fresh breeze & teakwoods. More of a cologne scent. 

Fancy Schmancy

Unisex, earthy. Musk tones with some cypress & bergamot. 

Luxe Duds

Very feminine, rich tones of amber and musk. 

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